Sustainable construction and
mediterranean essence

The perfect balance between territory and innovation.

Quienes somos

Efficient and sustainable construction

Mediterranean essence
in pure state

Our base of operations is focused on the Mediterranean Sea, with projects halfway between Castellón, Valencia and the Balearic Islands.

A new way of understanding
and project the architecture of the future.

With a new way of understanding current architecture for construction projects of all kinds, from residential to hospitality and retail.

Retail, Hotels & Leisure
Retail, Hoteles & Ocio
We build totally experiential unique spaces so that they are highly memorable and unique for those who visit them. From hotels and restaurants, to leisure spaces and the retail sector. You want to know more? Visit our section of retail and restoration projects!
Restoration Monuments
Rehabilitación Monumentos
We understand the importance of caring for and preserving our heritage, as a way to safeguard part of our history and culture. Did you know that we also offer the restoration and rehabilitation service of historic buildings and monuments? We have a professional team highly prepared in the development and execution of restoration, archeology and heritage projects.
Industry & Offices
Industrial & Oficinas
Discover all the possibilities that we can offer you in the construction and development of new work spaces, whether it is small offices, large centers and industrial warehouses. In CYROS® the magnitude of the project is defined by you.
Is there anything more special than building your own home? At CYROS® we are specialists in the construction of private residential homes, understanding from the outset the specific needs of each project to turn it into a unique and singular space, strictly complying with the delivery deadlines and final results agreed with each client.


We develop singular projects of high benefits for leading companies worldwide, which allow us to experiment and innovate.

We thoroughly study each project in order to offer all kinds of solutions and specific alternatives.

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With a new way of understanding the construction that will mark the architecture of the future.

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We always work respecting the environment through an increasingly efficient and environmentally sustainable construction.

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We are committed to each project, offering a rigorous deadline for completion and delivery of the work.

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