Construction of Mediterranean essence and sustainable philosophy.

Quienes somos

A new way of understanding the construction of the future.

At CYROS® we combine the virtues of new technologies applied to construction, always offering all kinds of new efficient technical solutions, with the aim of meeting the requirements in terms of environmental quality and protection of the natural environment, being pioneers in the development of sustainable and efficient projects.

Committed to the quality of
our projects.

We are a solid project, which makes a difference thanks to the defining qualities of our work, based on the high demands for finishing and perfection, adapting to new constructive solutions and offering the client the guaranteed efficiency of a job meticulous and detailed with a rigorous deadline.

Quienes somos

We develop unique high-performance projects for leading companies worldwide, which allow us to experiment and innovate.

Specialists in all types of construction projects.

With more than 20 years of experience, CYROS® has been evolving and implementing works with works in fields as diverse as construction, the industrial sector, rehabilitation, civil works and the service sector.

In addition, under the company CYRESPA, a company of the same group Dedicated to the conservation and restoration of Artistic Heritage at the national level and with projection abroad, we work on projects with the highest quality, hand in hand with natural products and raw materials and with highly qualified professional teams with whom we maintain very positive synergies.

Quienes somos
Quienes somos

Also in underwater environment.

We also have a delegation dedicated to the underwater archeology carrying out research works excavation, archaeological impact studies, restoration and treatment of materials extracted from the sea, by Itesub.

A company with a vocation for service, dedicated to the study and development of projects on the marine environment, made up of experts in different technical and scientific disciplines, with extensive professional careers of more than twenty years.

We have a multidisciplinary team specialized in sustainable construction.

A great team divided between the three delegations of the company, in the cities of Castellón, Ibiza and Valencia, made up of architects, technical architects, construction engineers, first class officers and specialized pawns; as well as the collaboration of architecture and engineering firms, covering all the needs that any newly executed work may request.

We thoroughly study each project in order to offer all kinds of solutions and specific alternatives.

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With a new way of understanding the construction that will mark the architecture of the future.

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We always work respecting the environment through an increasingly efficient and environmentally sustainable construction.

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We are committed to each project, offering a rigorous deadline for completion and delivery of the work.

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Projects that embrace
the environment.

Why is sustainability so important in
each of our projects?

The purpose of sustainable construction is to achieve efficient and environmentally friendly buildings

At CYROS® we understand that the construction that will mark the Architecture of the future must adapt to the environment, grow, create and build, safeguarding what really matters. A paradigm shift that makes construction a much more conscious and sustainable discipline with the environment, and that allows us to develop totally unique and singular projects in full harmony with the environment and nature.

¿Por qué la sostenibilidad es tan importante en cada uno de nuestros proyectos?